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Building Effective Spaces 2023

Contact us to get access to resources from the 

first online conference on Hubs, Offices, and Fellowships

within the Effective Altruism and adjacent communities.

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Conference Agenda


Kaleem Ahmid

Keynote Speaker Session:
Co-working Space Design and Optimization

(outgoing Project Manager for US Property at Effective Ventures Operations)

Presentation on optimizing office space and designing spaces for specific work needs, followed by a Q&A session.


Irena Kotíková

Keynote Speakers Session: Human-Centered Spaces
(Czech EA, Prague Fall Season, Epistea)


Panel Discussion: Funding and Community Partnerships (30 minutes)

Panel discussion with experts on funding strategies and community partnerships to facilitate startup spaces

Moderated discussion and audience Q&A (15 minutes).

Confirmed speakers: 

  • Rebca Van de Ven (Open Philanthropy),

  • Kaleem Ahmid (Effective Ventures),

  • Nick Fitz (Founder of Momentum and Catalyst)

  • Panel facilitator: Aqeel Ali (Doppler)


Keynote Speaker Session: Focusing on the Network


Lightning Talks: Concrete Experiences from Running Offices and Hubs 

Series of lightning talks in which individuals share their experiences and insights on running offices and hubs.

Confirmed talks: 

  • London EA Hub: Theory of Change and Frugality - Erin Roberston (London EA)

  • Office Operations at Open Philanthropy - Jia Li Leonard (Open Philanthropy)

  • Essentialism: A Mindset For Organizing Effective Events - Hugo Ikta and Miguel Alvarado (EAGxLatAm)

  • Wellness at Trajan House - Josie Inaldo (Trajan House, Oxford, UK)


Panel Discussion: Challenges and Opportunities in Different Hub Settings

Panel discussion on the best practices for setting up hubs for big cities, smaller cities, and emerging EA populations.

Confirmed speakers: 

  • Jordan Pieters (prev. South Africa; CEA),

  • Moritz von Knebel (Germany),

  • Sandra Malagon (Mexico and Colombia),

  • Elmerei Cuevas (Phillipines)

  • Facilitator: Peter Elam


Breakout Room Discussions

Participants are divided into smaller groups for focused discussions on specific topics related to office management and community building.

Room facilitators:

  • Aqeel Ali

  • Peter Elam


Conrad Kunadu

Keynote Speaker Session: Impact and Theory of Change in Co-working Spaces
(prev. Longview)

Session exploring theories of change and impact measurement in co-working spaces, followed by a Q&A session with the keynote speaker.


Jonathan Michel

Keynote Speakers Session: Approaches to Measuring Impact
(Effective Ventures, prev. Trajan House)

Session exploring theories of change and impact measurement in co-working spaces, followed by a Q&A session with the keynote speaker.

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